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Garden Update

Here it is almost 8 pm and I just came in from working in the garden.  The days have gotten longer and that just means that much more time to work in the yard.  I have been so busy working … Continue reading

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Starting My Seedlings

Hooray, it’s time to start your seeds indoors.  Somehow, no matter how tired or busy I am, I seem to be able to muster the energy to start my seeds.  Starting seeds brings visions of a beautiful garden and plates … Continue reading

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How to figure out if you have enough time to replant before winter.

I went out today to check on my tomatoes I had replanted the other day. To put it mildly, I was not pleased.  Out of 40 plants maybe 10 will make it.  I am not sure what I did wrong, … Continue reading

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Gardening 101 – SOIL

When thinking of starting a garden many things come to mind: location what plants will we grow when can we plant our plants protecting the garden from domestic and wild animals … I would like to suggest to you, that … Continue reading

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Garden update

Besides the addition of chickens, one of the biggest changes around here is my vegetable garden.  I found pics from August of 2010 of what the place used to look like.   Early spring of this year I concentrated my … Continue reading

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