A Hot Day in the Garden

As I went out into the garden this morning with my dog Kahlo and cup of coffee in hand, I thought I would take a few pictures to chronicle the day.   After going in to retrieve my camera and learn how to use the different settings, back out we went to see what would be interesting.

Kahlo thought she would help by smelling the Dwarf Mexican Petunia.  Now, talk about a plant that can survive it all, these little guys are great.

The Gerber Daisy and our garden guest didn’t seem to mind the sweltering heat, though Kahlo and I promptly returned inside.

The Beginning

Welcome to my blog.  As this is my first post I thought it would be fitting to reflect on what or maybe I should say who inspired my love of gardening. To do this I must give an abbreviated story of my childhood.  I grew up in Bolivia, South America, on one of the many tributaries of the Amazon River.   My parents were Baptist Missionaries.  Bolivia is a third world country so in order to get on education I went away to boarding school.  My memories of gardening came from my mom, who whenever I came home would have flowers planted wherever she could.  Down there we didn’t have plant nurseries, or WalMart where you could just go buy plants.  No, everything was started either from seeds or cuttings my mom would gather on her travels.  I don’t recall, doing much of any gardening myself as a child,  just how much my mom loved flowers.   After high school I returned to the United States.  Once I had my own place my brother came to visit and noticed my bed of Sunflowers and Zinnias and told my, “you are your mothers daughter”.     So mom, thanks you for passing the love of gardening on to me.