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What To Do About Those Pesky Vine Borers

I know we have all heard the stories about those gardeners that have so much zucchini that they are sneaking it onto their neighbors porches at night. Tragically, I have never been one of those gardeners. Why not? Well, those … Continue reading

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What are those bugs on my Milkweed?

I haven’t been over to the bed where my milkweed is for a few days, and imagine my surprise when I did.  It was covered with reddish-orange and black bugs called “Milkweed Bugs” and yellow aphids called “Oleander Aphids”.  I guess … Continue reading

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Bees, the Good and the Bad

Bees are vital to the success of our veggie gardens, with nearly one third of our food crops being pollinated by bees.  Bee populations are down, but here are a few things we as gardeners can do help attract bees … Continue reading

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Another Great use for Coffee Grounds

If you live in Florida chances are you have at least one sego palm in your yard.  In recent years there seems be a growing problem of “white stuff”, correctly called cycad or aulacaspis scale (Aulacaspis yasumatsui), on these palms. … Continue reading

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Last Supper

Tonight this Green Lynx Spider is eating it’s last super on my Butterfly Bush.  I previously posted this same spider eating a bumble bee.  I feel that I am very tolerant when it comes to insects, but even I have … Continue reading

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I noticed some of my cucumbers were yellowing.  I was unsure what was causing this and then upon further inspection I noticed tiny holes in the cucumbers. After doing research I learned these holes were caused by pickleworms, making them … Continue reading

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Fall Planting

The past two weeks have been so busy for me, that I haven’t even had time, until today, to plant my much anticipated fall garden.  I transplanted my fall seedlings and everything else got directly sown into the garden.  As … Continue reading

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What’s a Gardener to do?

I seem to have a dilemma.  I went out to the garden this morning and noticed a caterpillar on one of my tomato plants.  Turns out it is a Tomato Hornworm, I can’t believe I have never seen one of … Continue reading

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Aphids on Gourd

I walked out to my pond to feed my koi this morning, when I noticed some yellow spots on my volunteer gourd plant.  Upon closer inspection I noticed it was infested with aphids.  I will not claim to never use … Continue reading

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A Hot Day in the Garden

As I went out into the garden this morning with my dog Kahlo and cup of coffee in hand, I thought I would take a few pictures to chronicle the day.   After going in to retrieve my camera and … Continue reading

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