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A Tale of Survival and Loss

As a owner of chickens and ducks I have come to understand that sometimes things happen that are completely out of my control.  No matter how hard I try to protect and care for my feathered friends, sometimes weird things … Continue reading

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More Ducks

I know I had sworn myself off any more ducks, but well, I just couldn’t help myself.  I saw pictures of Indian Runner Ducks and I just had to have some.  The problem was no one around me sells them, … Continue reading

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2014 At A Glance

I can’t believe I have been away sooo long.   2014 brought so many different things.  Winter brought an ice storm, spring brought flooding rains, summer brought severe heat, and well fall, I’ll get to that in a bit.  For … Continue reading

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Back Yard and Garden Update in Pictures

I was sitting on my deck when I got home this afternoon and decided to take pictures.  Here are some pictures of what my back yard looks like from my deck, and just for fun, I’ll add a few more. … Continue reading

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My Journey with My Ducks

On March 2 I became the proud owner of 5 baby duckies.  When I got them from Tractor Supply, they were already 10 days old, absolutely adorable, and way too cool.  From the research I had done, everyone said ducks … Continue reading

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Ducks Have Arrived

I am so excited I finally have ducks!  I have to admit that compared to chickens they are messy, messy little creatures.  If you thought having the chicks throw their food around was bad, well that’s nothing compared to water … Continue reading

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