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A Tale of Survival and Loss

As a owner of chickens and ducks I have come to understand that sometimes things happen that are completely out of my control.  No matter how hard I try to protect and care for my feathered friends, sometimes weird things … Continue reading

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2014 At A Glance

I can’t believe I have been away sooo long.   2014 brought so many different things.  Winter brought an ice storm, spring brought flooding rains, summer brought severe heat, and well fall, I’ll get to that in a bit.  For … Continue reading

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New Baby Chicks Have Arrived

I just had to share some pictures of our newest babies.  They are black sexlinks and one golden sexlink.  They are sooo cute.  We just got them yesterday, but they are 10 days old.  Since it has done nothing but … Continue reading

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Gardening for chickens?

Do you plant your garden according to what your chickens like?  My chicks have eaten all the grass from their section of the yard, or as my dad says, “they turned it into a desert.”   Since they can’t forage … Continue reading

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How I Care For My Chickens

I thought I would explain how I care for my chickens.  I am not a chicken expert!  The things I do are based mostly upon the suggestions given to me by the couple from whom I initially got my chickens … Continue reading

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Vegetables to Plant in December

Time is just flying by.  I just can’t believe Christmas is just 18 days away.  I know everyone is busy but if you have a little empty room in your garden and are so inclined here is a list of … Continue reading

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Chic Update

As promised here is the latest pics of the not so baby, baby chics.  They have all acclimated well to being in with the hens and are getting a long fine.  The Naked Necks, commonly called Turkens, and Plymouth Barred … Continue reading

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Meet Some Of The Girls

It was just recently decided that all the chicks would get names.  The names are crazy but I try to find names that suit them.  With some of them it may be as easy as their color, others because of … Continue reading

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My First Experience Introducing Baby Chics into the Big Coop

Wow, was it comedy hour around here the other day.  This was my first time introducing baby chics into the big coop.  The original plan was to wait until Saturday or Sunday to move the babies, so they could be … Continue reading

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Final Harvest for First Summer Garden

I’m very happy with this harvest, but at the same time sad.  Besides okra, a couple more watermelon, and a few tomatoes, there will be no more harvesting for some time.  I pulled it all up.   But the chics … Continue reading

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