Hi, my name is Charlotte and my work in progress “homestead” is located in Navarre, Florida, in the northwest panhandle, USDA hardiness zone 8b. I live in the suburbs on a half acre lot.

This blog is about my journey to becoming self sufficient, and someone, who even if only in a small way, makes a difference in their community. For my day job I own a lawn maintenance company.  My life long passion is gardening.  I do all my vegetable gardening organically and am trying to convert all my gardening to organic.   I am a newbie chicken owner with a hope to become a beekeeper sometime in the not so distant future.

In 2011, I was able to accomplish my goal of becoming a Master Gardener. What I learned, is that I have a lot more to learn. 🙂

I hope you will join me and my garden helper, Kahlo, on my journey.

I can be contacted at charsgardening@yahoo.com.

Garden Helper “Kahlo”


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  1. Sheila Ammon says:

    Hi Char: I was looking for a way to cover my Garden Bed that we just constructed and planted last week. Since I have a Chocolate Lab puppy who would love to dig in there, I needed some way to cover it so the vegetables could grow tall. Presently I put some chicken wire over it, but with the rain they are growing so fast I had to come up with a better way. Today I found your posting on google and I just went out and bought the supplies to make this cover. I bought the bird netting to cover it with. I hope it is durable enough. Thank you so much for your great plans and illustrations. I think we can manage to get it together tomorrow. We live in the Central Florida Area, and this is my first attempt at Raised bed gardening. I just wanted to be able to have some vegetables available without a run to the store. So far I am happy to see them all coming up. It almost looks like I might need a second garden bed. Thank you again for your great plan for the cover. I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Sheila Ammon

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Shiela, I am glad you are making one of the covers. They have worked very well for me. I made mine a few years ago and still use it on occasion, like when we had that late frost. I just put it over my bed and threw a tarp over it. If you don’t glue the joints you can bend the legs in and it will lay flat for storage. You may have to push the pipe into the fittings again after awhile, but mine haven’t fallen apart. Good luck, Charlotte

  2. Linda Young says:

    Hi Charlotte – I stumbled onto your website and have been enjoying it a lot. I also live in Navarre and am an avid gardener. Ijust bought my home about a year ago and haven’t been able to be a serious gardener for the previous 11 years as I was living out on the island and there are a limited number of veggies and fruits that can survive out there. I did have a green house and grew quite a bit of food in there.

    So now I have a small yard that was all weeds when I moved in. In just a year I have turned half of my front yard into raised beds and containers for veggies. I’ve planted a lot of fruit trees, most of which I brought with me from the beach. I’ve gardened all my life but feel like I have so much to learn. My techniques are constantly changing as I learn new things and have “bright” ideas. Your blog is very inspiring and informative. Thank you for all of your detailed commentary on your efforts and the pictures are really beautiful.

    I too have papaya trees that are loaded down with papayas right now as I brought them here in pots, kept them in a greenhouse last winter and planted them this season. I am going to try to build some covers for them. Your pictures gave me some great ideas.

    I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your great writing on here. Linda

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Linda, Thanks for the kind words. It’s always nice to get to know other gardeners. Gardening in Florida can really be a challenge at times. Hope your papayas make it through the winter. A tip would be make sure you buy the heavy duty plastic as a cover if you make anything like I did. I had thin plastic and they froze. 🙁 But I think with heavier duty plastic maybe they would have survived. Good luck with all you gardening.


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