A Chilly Day

It’s been a chilly day here today.  A perfect day to organize seeds and do an inventory.  Of course, that means I get to do a little seed shopping too (happy dance).  I mean, it will soon be time to start summer vegetables.  We are to have the first freeze of the year tonight.  I know, can you believe it is nearly the middle of January and this is our first.  Crazy weather.  It will not be, what I would call, a hard freeze but a freeze none the less.  I think my pepper and eggplants that have been holding over from last summer will not make it, but I did put a couple of my hot pepper plants in pots that I moved into the garage to keep from freezing.  Also, I am curious to see how my peas do.  This is the first year I planted them in the fall, so I’ll have to let you know how it goes.

Organizing all my seeds and doing an inventory.

Seed inventory.

I have also been making a seed inventory.  I have to admit I spent a little too much time shopping, or better said, making my wish list, and have just started my inventory.  Here is a picture of what it looks like.

seed inventory

Seed Inventory.

I made one of these spreadsheets years ago, but that was lost when I got rid of my old computer.  This time around I decided I only needed to know the variety of seed, year it was purchased or saved, and days to maturity.  Hopefully, this time I can do a better job of keeping it up to date.

I am still trying to decide exactly what veggies I want to plant this upcoming season.  When looking through the seed catalogs and different websites there are so many different varieties it makes the decision nearly impossible.  I have learned from experience that there are some things we really like and grow well, while there are others, not so much.  For example beets, I have never liked beets but last year I decided to try growing them anyway.  I figured that if I grew them I would like them.  I mean, homegrown veggies are always better right?  Unfortunately, I still didn’t like them.  I tried cooking them several different ways and still they were a no go.  So I gave the rest to my friend and now I know not to bother taking up garden space with beets.

This year I have more than doubled the amount of growing space from last year so I am hoping to add more varieties.  What to get, what to get.  Are there any veggies that grow really well for you or maybe an obscure veggie that you really like that you would recommend I try?  If so please let me know.

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