Adding More Garden Space

Back in the spring of 2015 I decided I needed more garden space.  In the later part of 2014 I realized I had a severe nematode problem in my west garden.  I had a number of choices of how to deal with the west garden.  The first was to remove all the soil from the raised garden boxes and fill them with new dirt. The second choice was to solorize the garden boxes, this is done by covering the soil with plastic and the heat of the sun bakes the soil and kills the nematodes.  With this option the garden would have to remain covered, and thus useless for at least one season.  The third choice was to remove my boxes and give the area to the chickens.  I opted to give the area to the chickens.  Because of this, I was back to only having my east garden and  needed more growing space.  The decision became, where to put more raised beds.  I decided on the front yard.    There is a skinny part in my front yard that was just perfect for this.

A friend of mine told me there was a saw mill about 30 minutes from my house that sold slabs of wood for just a dollar a piece.  Slabs are the side pieces that come off  logs.  They are flat on one side and have bark on the other. The sawmill had cedar and white juniper slabs.  These slabs are perfect for making garden boxes.

A load of cedar and white juniper from the sawmill.

I used a chop saw to cut slabs into uniform lengths.

Six more garden boxes were installed.

All boxes were lined with weed fabric before soil was put in them. I did this not only to keep grass from growing into boxes, but if there are nematodes in this part of the yard it will help keep them from getting in the garden soil.

After building the boxes, I filled them with compost and mixed some peat moss in.  Since they are in my front yard I try to take extra care to ensure they not only are productive but are also aesthetically pleasing.  The other day when working in the front yard one of my neighbors stopped to tell me how much she loved seeing my garden and how it reminded her of her grandmother.  That made my day.

Here is a picture of what the front garden looks like now.

I will be taking some time off from work between Christmas and New Years and hope to add more raised beds to this garden space.

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2 Responses to Adding More Garden Space

  1. Hanna says:

    Looks so great Charlotte!
    Did you use filter fabric between the boxes under the mulch?

    • Charlotte says:

      No, I didn’t put fabric between the boxes. I but a very thick layer of mulch down and it was enough to kill what little grass was growing there.

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