Vegetables To Plant In June

Summer is definitely here.  The good news is the spring veggies are ripening, the bad news is, it’s getting tough to be working in the garden.   But, I’m sure many of you are hardcore gardeners like me, and the heat isn’t going to keep us down!   If you have some empty space in the garden, here is a list of veggies to plant in June.

Vegetables to plant in June for zone 8b:

  • beans, lima
  • eggplant
  • okra
  • peas, southern
  • potatoes, sweet

Both June and July have very small selections of veggies to plant, but save up some energy, because in August, it will be round two of the classic summer veggies.

Here’s a look at my kitchen counter.   This helps energize me to keep working in the garden.

Summer harvest!




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2 Responses to Vegetables To Plant In June

  1. Eve says:

    Full sun plants for Summee in Orlando.?

    • Charlotte says:

      Yes, these veggies need full sun. I think Orlando is in zone 9 not 8, like we are in north Florida, so your list may be a bit different from ours. However, with the heat it is best if your veggies can have morning sun and not the direct full hot afternoon sun. But, just work with what you have. Good luck!

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