Back Yard and Garden Update in Pictures

I was sitting on my deck when I got home this afternoon and decided to take pictures. ┬áHere are some pictures of what my back yard looks like from my deck, and just for fun, I’ll add a few more.

The pond with the west garden in the background.

The west garden and part of the duck, chicken play area.

Duck and chicken runs and coops next to the east garden with rose bed on the right.

The duck and chicken coops and run with the east garden on the right.

A closer view of the ducks taunting Kahlo and Kahlo barking back.

West Garden

East Garden

Kahlo showing off!

The ducks are telling you “Life is Great!”, well, I hope they feel that way.


I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my back yard and gardens.

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  1. eli says:

    Wow – looks beautiful. How blessed to have some “breathing room”.

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