Vegetables To Plant In May

I sure hope we’ve had enough April showers to bring May flowers or even better would be May tomatoes.  How many of you are checking those tomatoes daily just waiting for the first one to ripen.  I hate having to buy tomatoes, and the wait is killing me.

When I went to look at my list of vegetables to plant in May, I was surprised at how short it is.  But realizing, what we plant this month will be producing in the heat of summer, it makes sense there are so few.  As they have to be very heat tolerant.   Below is the list of vegetables to plant in May.

Vegetables to plant in May for zone 8b:

  • beans, lima
  • eggplant
  • mustard
  • okra
  • peas, southern
  • potatoes, sweet

My chickens, ducks, and I sure wish I could grow some greens.  I think I may try to find a partially shady place and give it a try.  Maybe, with some shade and extra water I can get one last batch of greens.  I’ll let you know if it works.

Duckies loving their greens!

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  1. eli says:

    *Smiling* . . . everyday I’m outside checking on my tomatoes. 🙂

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