Garden Update

Here it is almost 8 pm and I just came in from working in the garden.  The days have gotten longer and that just means that much more time to work in the yard.  I have been so busy working that I haven’t taken the time to post.

Most of my time has been taken up by filling in my old fish pond, and putting in a new much smaller pond.  I just went through all my pictures and can’t find a picture of my old pond.  🙁  It was about 22′ by 10′. The new one is less than half the size of the original one.  Now days, much of my time is taken up caring for the ducks, chickens and vegetable gardens, so I needed the pond to be less maintenance.   

I still lack planting some flowers around the front and maybe put a lilly or two in the pond, but besides that it’s finished.  I can’t wait for all the plants to grow and fill in.  The green tube you see in the bottom of the pond is for the fish to hide in when the herons come.  The herons have already visited the new pond, but thankfully the fish were smart enough to hide in the tube.

Last week end I decided to have a plant sale.  My seedlings that I started back in February have done very well, thanks to the low tunnel.  The tunnel spared them from all the freezing and near freezing nights we had in March.  I knew when I was planting my seeds I didn’t need that many of each variety of tomato and pepper, but I just couldn’t help myself.  So what was I going to do with all my extras?  I decided to have a plant sale.  By selling the seedlings for $.50 and $1, I knew I wasn’t going to make a ton of money, but anything I can do to help my habit, I mean hobby, is a good thing.

By 10 AM all the plants were sold.  I made a little money and had a great time chatting with all the veggie lovers who stopped by.

The vegetable gardens are doing quite well.  I have finally gotten all my seedlings planted and only lack replanting a couple beds.  Here is a picture of the east garden.

East Garden

The front row left has cabbages, that need a bit more time, and broccoli that is going to the chickens and the ducks.  The right side has lettuce, beets, and swiss chard.  In this picture, the middle bed on the left has a few head of cabbages.  I took this picture yesterday, but this evening I replanted that bed with the last of my tomatoes and zucchini, but it was too dark when I was done to take a picture.  The middle row right side, has volunteer tomato plants.  I know I tell you to rotate your crops but I am breaking the rules.  Last year this bed also had tomatoes.  It held the tomato plant that produced the best for me.  That tomato plant had come up as a volunteer, so I don’t know what variety it was, and of course, neglected to save seeds from it.  So I am hoping that these seedlings will be that same variety.  Back row left side, carrots and cabbage that are about ready to come out.  The right side has peppers, tomatillos, and eggplant.  The front trellis bed has peas and behind it is a trellis bed with cucumbers.  Something dug up that bed so I decided to give up on having peas in it and plant my cucumber seedlings instead.  On the outside of the garden, on the right, which you can only see a tiny bit, I made a bed.  I planted cucumbers to grow up the fence, zucchini and summer squash.  Zucchini and summer squash take up so much space, that I am going to try them out there where they will have more room.  On the outside left is my herb bed.

West Garden

The front row beds have potatoes.  They really got hit pretty hard by that late freeze we had in March.  Next year I hope to put low tunnels over most of my beds to keep this from happening.  But even with the freeze they are doing quite well, though they were twice the size before the freeze.  I dug down around one of the plants the other day and it had tiny potatoes, so I think they will be fine.  The second row left has bok choy, cauliflower, and kale.  The bok choy is starting to go to seed already, I’m thinking because of the warm weather.  Hopefully that will be on the menu tomorrow night.  The row on the right has onions.  The back row beds have tomatoes.  Running down the left side are my blueberry bushes and they all have blueberries on them.  They are only a year old, so I should have taken all the blooms off, and not let them produce, but I just couldn’t do it.

I will leave you with a few pictures of the baby chicks.

Until next time!


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