Vegetables To Plant In April

I think that spring has finally arrived!  Though truthfully, I think we are going to go straight from winter to summer and not have much of a spring.  But, only time will tell.  Hopefully everyone has had a chance to get their gardens ready to plant the first round of summer veggies.  Below is the list of vegetables to plant in April.

Vegetables to plant in April for zone 8b:

beans, bush and pole
beans, lima
peas, southern
potatoes, sweet
squash, summer

I’ll leave you with a fun picture of my duckies.  Today was their first day coming out of their coop and enjoying the back nine with the chicks.  They loved the weeds and other greens I was giving the chicks.   Tomorrow they will be six weeks old and I just can’t believe how big they are, not to mention how much food they consume.

The duckies!

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3 Responses to Vegetables To Plant In April

  1. Hanna says:

    Thanks for posting the planting info for April! Comes very handy. The tomato plants I got from you are thriving! The ducks looked so cute when I saw them. They are growing FAST!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love your blog . . . I just have a quick question about your chickens. We have 8 hens (for eggs only). They provide us, on average, about 5 eggs a day – which I’m happy with. But we spend nearly $60 a month on their feed (100 pounds total). And they get garden and table scraps (appropriate table scraps) too. I don’t know how people can afford “lots” of hens. Does 100 pounds of month of feed sound outrageous for 8 layers?

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for stopping by. 100 lbs of feed a month for your 8 hens does seem like quite a bit. I noticed mine were eating more this winter when the weather was cold but seem to have gone back to normal. I have 22 hens and they eat between 150 to 200 lbs of feed a month, but they do get lots of greens from the garden. I feed mine crumbles instead of pellets, just because that is what they had been accustomed to eating. I do not know if there is less waste with crumbles then with pellets, but that may be worth checking out. The only other suggestion is to make sure that no other animals are helping themselves to the hens food. I had to put a cover on my feeder because I noticed a vol had been eating the food. I hope this helps. Charlotte

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