Vegetables To Plant In March

March is a busy, busy planting time of year.  The list of vegetables to plant in March seems endless.  If you are going to try to do one last planting of  winter veggies, get them planted as soon as possible.  Temps will be rising before we know it, which is hard to believe considering it’s been colder lately than it was in January.  It is definitely time to get your summer veggie seeds planted.  If you are brave and getting a head start on planting summer veggies in the garden, be prepared to cover them, it is possible we could get another freeze before spring gets here.

Vegetables to plant in March for zone 8b:

beans, bush and pole
beans, lima
onions – bunching
peas, english
peas, southern
potatoes, sweet
squash, summer
squash, winter

I thought I would add a few pictures of how my garden is growing.

West Garden

Front row boxes have potatoes, second row on the right, onions on the left, very small bok choy, kale, and colorful swiss chard, third row is waiting for tomatoes and peppers, at the back is my low tunnel housing my seedlings.  I have been meaning to make a post on my low tunnel but just haven’t got to it.  To make a long story short, in the middle of last month some friends of mine gave me sliding glass doors and I plan on making a greenhouse, which will be to the left of the low tunnel.  I have not had time to build my greenhouse but needed somewhere to house my seedlings so the low tunnel was my solution.  It is fairly inexpensive and very easy, I will eventually get around to putting up the directions on how to build one.  I have to say I was a bit worried about my seedlings with this cold weather we have had the past few weeks, but they are doing well.  My tomatoes look like they are almost ready to up pot.

Cucumber seedlings in the low tunnel

Pepper, Eggplant, and tomato seedling in the low tunnel


East Garden

Above is a picture on my east garden.  Front row on the left, broccoli with a few cabbages and mustard plants, on the right, newly planted lettuce, bok choy, and beets.  Second row on the left, cabbages that are ready to be harvested in the next day or two, on the right, only a few remaining radishes, basically it is ready to be replanted.  Third row on the left has lettuce, carrots, and broccoli, and on the right mustard greens with a few radishes.  The trellis beds have peas, the front bed is doing great the back bed the top of the peas were eaten by the vols, which I have finally been able to get rid of, I hope.  I may have to replant that bed.  I will make my decision on that this week, as time is running out to plant peas.


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