Ducks Have Arrived

I am so excited I finally have ducks!  I have to admit that compared to chickens they are messy, messy little creatures.  If you thought having the chicks throw their food around was bad, well that’s nothing compared to water everywhere.  But as far as cute goes, they are adorable.

They are adorable.

We got them at TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) yesterday.  They were the last ones of the older batch and TSC was desperately trying to get rid of them.  The smaller ones are even cuter then these, but these guys needed a home so now they have one.  🙂   I have to say when looking for information on how to care for ducks there is little compared to the ton of info on chickens.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far concerning their care:

-Make sure their water dish isn’t to deep.  They can drown.

-They must have enough water to cover their bills when they drink.  They need to flush the vents on their bills.

-They must have water when eating in order to help wash down the food.

-They need a place to go to warm up after they are done playing in the water.

-Feed the growing babies a feed that has 20% protein, which is a higher percentage then the baby chick’s food.

For now they are inside and I’m planning on keeping them in for at least another week or two as the weather has been pretty cold.  Here is a picture of their condo:

Duck Condo.

Their water and food is in the bin in hopes of keeping the mess contained.  The other part has a light so they warm up and plenty of room for them to run around.  They are not too friendly yet, but they are getting used to me coming in the room and aren’t hiding in the corner anymore.  I have no idea if they are males or females as they came from a straight run.  I’m hoping they are girls, but I will keep you posted.  Next, will be figuring out housing for them.  From what I read they don’t need much, but protection from black bears and other wild animals will be key.

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