Gardening for chickens?

Do you plant your garden according to what your chickens like?  My chicks have eaten all the grass from their section of the yard, or as my dad says, “they turned it into a desert.”   Since they can’t forage for greens, I give them a lot of veggies from the garden.  It’s quickly approaching a year that I have had my chicks and I have noticed they prefer some veggies over others.   When I was sitting down planning out my summer garden the other day, I found myself adding a few extras of the veggies I know my chicks really like.  Then, I heard a voice in my head telling me I had lost my mind.  I mean really, who actually gardens for the chickens?  Well, I guess I do.  🙂

They love their veggies.

Lucky for me, the list of veggies they don’t like is shorter then ones they do like.  Of the summer veggies, they like squash, watermelon, tomatoes (don’t give them too many of these at once), the greens from the potato plants (don’t give them the actual potatoes), but they love, love, love green beans.  Here is a picture from last summer of Holly giving them some beans.  Note, this is before they turned their area into the desert.

Holly giving the chicks beans.

Winter veggies are easier, because they will eat most all of them.  However, they seem to prefer veggies from the Brassicaceae (cabbage/mustard) family.

Carrots tops aren’t their first choice, but they’ll take them.

Hopefully, my chicks will be pleased with my selection of summer veggies.




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