Vegetables to plant in February

February is here and I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit of spring fever.  I have recently added a page, Vegetable Planting Guide, to the site that has the planting guides for all twelve months.  However, I thought I would still make the monthly posts.

Here is the list:

Vegetables to plant in February for zone 8b:

chinese cabbage
onions – bunching
peas, english

Now you may be asking, “why are there warm weather crops on this list, when our last frost date isn’t until March”?  The answer is, these vegetables, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes, can be started at this time, but they should not be placed out in the garden, unless you can protect them from frost.

I am hoping to get my seeds started in the next couple of weeks, in the cold frame I have yet to build.  🙂  By starting these veggies now it gives them extra time to produce before the summer heat beats them up.

I’m wondering what varieties of tomatoes and pepper are you choosing this summer?  Have you found a variety that does particularly good for you?  If so please share.  For me, my favorite tomatoes are cherry tomatoes, but I haven’t found a variety that I am completely in love with.  I do hope to plant some large tomato bushes, in hopes of having enough to can.  Last year the best large variety tomato bush I had was a volunteer, so I have no idea what variety it was.  Now, I am so wishing I had saved some seeds from it.

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4 Responses to Vegetables to plant in February

  1. Carole says:

    I’m trying a couples of new cherry tomatoes this year. Jasper an All-American Selection winner and Golden Sweet. Both are resistant to some diseases. I like to grow a red and yellow because they look so nice in a salad.

    • Charlotte says:

      I looked up both of those varieties and they both look good. I think I may try the Golden Sweet, last year I planted the Yellow Pear and was not very impressed. Maybe this yellow tomato will do better.

  2. gardenmom says:

    i started my seeds here in 9b the second week in January. doing it a little different this year. Using a small 3 tier green house that i can bring in when the temp drops to freezing at night. Last year i grew a golden jubilee cherry size tomato, great producer and very sweet flavor. this year I am focusing on the large varieties, maybe the birds will leave them alone and I won’t have to fight so hard to get one.

    • Charlotte says:

      The large tomato that did well for me was Black Krim. It was very tasty. I’ll be replanting it again this year.

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