From Then Till Now

I was looking through my pictures and came upon the pictures from last year.  I can’t believe how different my garden is now.  Who would have guessed one year could bring so much change.  Between the chickens and adding the west garden, I’m not sure which I am more pleased with.   Well, that’s not true, I love my chickens!    Anyhow, I just wanted to share a few pictures with you.  I sure would love to see how your gardens are coming along.  Am I the only crazy gardener?

This picture was taken almost a year ago on March 4, 2012.  I had just added my newest boxes to the garden but the chickens hadn’t yet arrived.

Above are the latest pictures of the east (top) and west (bottom) garden.  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my dad and mom (she was our cheerleader) for helping me get the potatoes, onions and peas planted when they came to visit last weekend.  Dad even helped get a truckload of mulch.  Nothing like putting your family to work. 🙂  The squirrels have been digging in the garden lately and so I used the raised bed protectors I had previously made to try to stop them.   I only had two covers so the top left bed which is also planted with potatoes is uncovered, but so far so good.  The other beds have not yet been planted.  I hope to get more things planted this weekend.

I just had to add these last two pictures.  The chics were giving me the stink eye the other day, because they thought they deserved more greens from the garden then I had given them.  Then lastly, my baby Kahlo, on her first christmas in 2009.


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