Seed Inventory and Organization

It’s that time of year, where all us gardeners are starting to get the spring itch.  Seed catalogs are filling our mail boxes and dreams of beautiful gardens occupy our minds.  The past few weeks had brought on spring like temperatures, and although I know better, I couldn’t help but wonder if this year maybe I could cheat and get a head start on some summer veggies.  But the cold front moved in, and helped to ease the itch, so I decided to occupy myself doing a much needed seed organization and inventory.

I pulled out my handy seed container and discarded any seeds from before 2011.  I didn’t have many of these, so I didn’t feel much guilt in throwing them away.  Although they may have still been good (as they stay in a cool, dark, dry place),  I didn’t want to take the chance.  Of course, my cat Zen thought she could read the years on the packs better then I could.   Sadly, she may be right.  🙂

When I was first starting my gardening venture, I made a database that listed all my seeds and info pertaining to them.  Click here to check it out.  But as with many great things, I haven’t kept up with it and sadly it is not up to date.   I can’t decide if I should just take the time and update this, or if I should find another way of keeping an inventory.  For now I made a list in my gardening journal and will think on it.  Hopefully, this is not another way of saying “do nothing about it.”

The actual organization part of the seeds was much easier.  Previously, I had separated my seeds into warm season, cool season, and herbs.  This just wasn’t working for my anymore.  My seed collection has grown and the seasons tend to melt into one another.  I decided I would separate them alphabetically.  I used some old hanging files that were laying around.  I cut them down and was able to get two out of each one.

I always save those little packs of silica, and throw them in my seed container to help suck up any moisture.  Moisture will ruin seeds in a hurry.

I am pretty pleased with the results, although adding the files has made it a very tight fit.  I think I will use two of these bins, to make more space.  But for now, I am a happy gardener, and can’t wait to get started planting.


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4 Responses to Seed Inventory and Organization

  1. Nancy Heraud says:

    Wow, Char, this puts our shoebox system to shame and with a cat magnifier as well! Allergic to that part! Very impressive! BTW, we still grow beans from seeds that are from 1992! Thanks for sharing your system! xo LVL

    • Charlotte says:

      1992 for seeds, I’m impressed. Now I’m thinking I should have just hung on to those seeds I got rid of. 🙂

  2. Hanna says:

    As I will certainly never reach your level of organizing and thinking ahead I have decided to fool proof my system: the ones I like to eat in large quantities, and the ones that are easy to store / preserve for later consumption. If that makes sense.

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