Building of the West Garden

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2013.

I took a week off between Christmas and New Years to get my west garden ready.  To say the least, I felt that I needed a vacation from my vacation when all was said and done.  But when I am reaping the produce from my garden this upcoming year it will all be worth it.

In my previous Garden Update post I mentioned how I was planning on adding to my garden.  I really wanted to get the hard work done, not only while the weather was work friendly, but also so I would have it ready to plant.  Here is how I spent most of my week off.

Beginning of West Garden installation.

Boxes from reclaimed wood finished. I had to purchase the wood for the three remaining boxes.

Leveling the boxes. This is an important step if you are gardening on a slope like I am. If not done, water could either puddle or run off.

The walkways were mulched with wood chips.

Kahlo protected me as I loaded the mulch into the truck.

Unloading the mulch. It took 3 truck loads.

Paper was laid down on path areas that had grass.

Cardboard was laid in the bottom of the boxes where there was grass. This time I decided to lay cardboard rather than remove the grass. I figured I had enough to do.

Finally finished!!  Now all that is lacking is the filling of the boxes. That will have to wait for another time.

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