Chic Update

As promised here is the latest pics of the not so baby, baby chics.  They have all acclimated well to being in with the hens and are getting a long fine.  The Naked Necks, commonly called Turkens, and Plymouth Barred Rock babies are 15 weeks old and the Golden Lakenvelders and Blue Wyndottes are 13 weeks old.  I can’t wait till they start laying, but I know that is still weeks away.  So with no further ado…

Elvira a black Turken.

One of the two golden Lakenvelders. These two are very skidish. I had a hard time getting this picture, which is not great.

This is Mo, one of the hens, with Elvira in the background. Not sure you can tell but they are almost the same height. The hens are just stockier.

One of the three baby Barred Rocks. They are very hard to tell apart. Hopefully as they get bigger they will get easier to differentiate.

They think they are big and bad because the can jump up on the top of the nesting boxes. They thought they were going to be in trouble for jumping up there.

These are the two black wyandottes. I love these two, they are short and have no distinct tails.

I’m not sure what colors these turkens are. They come in black, blue, buff, cuckoo, red and white.  I’m guessing they are red on left and buff on right,  If anyone could tell me I would be grateful.

It seems unfair to only show pics of the babies so here are a couple of the hens.

See she’s mad because she thought I was going to leave her out.

You didn’t think we were going to go a whole chicken post without showing Georgie did you?


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  1. Wendy says:

    Gorgeous birds!!

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