Dinner From The Garden – Okra and Butternut Squash

After spending much of the morning in the garden planting my second summer garden, it only seemed fitting to have a dinner from the garden.

Okra is the only veggy harvested today.  Thankfully, I still have quite a few butternut squash in my root cellar, aka cardboard box in the closet.  No root cellars in florida, thought I sure wish I had one.

On the menu was okra, butternut squash and meatloaf.

butternut squash, burgundy okra and clemson spineless okra

My favorite way to have butternut squash is cut in half, with a little salt and butter, then baked.  I sliced the okra tossed it in a little salt and flour, coated it with egg, and then tossed it in Panko breadcrumbs.  Then it was fried.  Took the healthy out of it but it sure was delicious.


Dinner is served

Head over to  Greenish Thumb for some other great garden to table ideas.


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6 Responses to Dinner From The Garden – Okra and Butternut Squash

  1. Wendy says:

    That looks delicious – and I also realize now I didn’t make room for butternut squash. a mistake since I loooove fall, and I loooove it for all the butternut squash.

  2. Carole says:

    We been enjoying okra on the grill and oven roasted. Just toss it in some olive oil and add salt and pepper. You can call it healthy again.

  3. ricki says:

    I haven’t had much luck growing okra (mostly for the lovely flowers), but now I will redouble my efforts. That looks yummy.

  4. Omar Chamness says:

    In the Caribbean islands, okra is eaten in soup. In Curaçao the soup is known as jambo which primarily is made out of the okra’s mucilage. It is often prepared with fish and funchi, a dish made out of cornmeal and boiling water. In Haiti, it is cooked with rice and maize, and also used as a sauce for meat. In Cuba, it is called quimbombó, along with a stew using okra as its primary ingredient.

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