Garden update

Besides the addition of chickens, one of the biggest changes around here is my vegetable garden.  I found pics from August of 2010 of what the place used to look like.


A sea of green before the garden August 2010

The humble beginning of the vegetable garden.

Early spring of this year I concentrated my efforts on the vegetable garden.  I fenced in the area to keep the deer and rabbits out, brought in 6 pick truck loads of free mulch from the tree company a few miles down the road, and started the task of making mosaic stepping stones to line the paths.  I know any of you who live in “true” deer country laugh at my fence, but my theory is that, around here, the deer aren’t really hungry.  But given the option of tasty veggies or woody shrubs, they went for the veggies.  So far the fence has done it’s job.

Vegetable garden in May 2012

My tomatoes in the garden are done, but not before providing me with enough to eat, share, and can (25 pints).  Also, the bed behind the tomatoes on the left was where the bush beans were.  They provided plenty to eat, and about 15 meals worth in the freezer.

Garden July 2012

Bush beans have been replanted with okra, and tomatoes in right bed have been replaced with corn, which thanks to a little rain started to germinate today.  Still deciding what to do with other tomato bed, as there is still a thriving zucchini and struggling tomato plant in that bed.  As with all gardens, the work in never done.  The pole beans and cucumbers need to be replanted.  But I did get my second round of tomatoes and eggplant seeds started.

Seeds have been planted.

I think that pretty much covers the update of the vegetable garden.

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