As if we needed more reasons to grow our own food….

One of my “New Years Changes” was to try to eat local.  I do not believe I will be 100% local, which admittedly was my original uneducated aspiration.  Maybe 75% can be done.  There are things that are not grown in my area, such as rice and grains, but the things that I can’t get locally I will be buying organic and fair trade.   I am not a trend follower, but if you are not growing your own food, buying organic or locally,  you may want to jump on the bandwagon at this time.

Here is an eye opening excerpt from an article I found through, 100 mile locavores.  You may want to think twice before eating another pineapple.

“Pineapples need very large amounts of pesticides, about 20kg of active ingredient per hectare per cycle. The soil is sterilised; biodiversity is eliminated. Fourteen to 16 different types of treatment are typically needed, and many have to be applied several times. They use chemicals that are dangerous for the environment and human health. The chemicals involved are legal in Costa Rica but include some of the most controversial in the world.”  Read the entire article here.

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3 Responses to As if we needed more reasons to grow our own food….

  1. Donna says:

    Wow, and pineapple is my favorite fruit. CreamCheez too.

  2. meemsnyc says:

    Oh no!!! I love pineapples! This makes me so sad.

  3. Susan says:

    Looks like we’ll have to grow our own.

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