Eat Local Group Meets Tonight

"GROWING LOCAL - The Truth About YOUR Food" 
brought to you by Raw & Juicy and Twin Oaks Farm

Tuesday Feb 8th : Movie begins at 6:30

"What's Organic about Organic?"

WHAT’S ORGANIC ABOUT “ORGANIC?” rings the alarm for the need to develop
an ecological
consciousness.  The film illustrates that the organic food
debate extends well beyond personal choice and into the realm of social
responsibility. Each of the film’s characters is intimately connected to the organic
world; they’re farmers, activists, and scientists.  While many folks can
easily endorse “organic,” the characters in the film take the
discussion beyond just shopping for another eco-label. As we glimpse
into each of their lives, we see how organic agriculture has the
potential to solve many of our environmental and health problems.  The
film will explore how organic farming can be used as a soil and air
protection system, a healthy solution to toxic pollution, and an
innovative means to combat global warming.

     Fountain Square, DOWNTOWN FWB  
     196 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE
     Fort Walton Beach  

EAT LOCAL 5PM  * held in the Art Lair, Unit G

Sorry, this post is so late, but I hope if you live in the Fort Walton area you can come and join us.

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  1. Deborah Branning says:

    Better late than never! Wish I could make it. But this is still a good article you might share tonight.

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