What to do in January

I think most of us gardeners are asking ourselves what are we to do in January.   Since the weather here has been a bit warmer yesterday and today I thought it was about time for an outing or two.  First up, a visit to the Port City Market in Pensacola.  This market is small but it does the job.  At the market there were artists, veggie farmers, a farmer selling local organic meat, and another person selling organic coffee.

Port City Market

Honestly, I am not sure who I was more happy to find, Green Acres Farm who had the pasture raised meats or Keens Beans with organic coffee.  Let’s just say, since the morning was still a bit chilly the coffee sure was great.

Second up, a visit to the beach.  I haven’t been to the beach in quite sometime.  My last visit to the beach was not a good one.  The beach  was strewn with tar balls, and if that’s not bad enough, seeing the birds swooping into the water, knowing that they would inevitably have oil on them, was just more than I could take.  So I have stayed away.  But today was beautiful and I couldn’t resist a visit. There were still men with equipment on the beach, I presume to see how much oil is below the top sand layers,  but today, no tar ball could be seen with the naked eye.  The birds were enjoying the day and I had a ball collecting shells.

The water was cold but beautiful

Pelicans enjoying the day

Pelican flying

Shells collected

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  1. Deborah Branning says:

    What beautiful pics…and to market, to market to buy local!!! One of my favorite routines is to go to Port City Market or Palafox Market always to buy and sometimes be a vendor. After the market most Saturdays we go to our favorite vegan restaurant Sluggos http://www.yelp.com/biz/sluggos-pensacola

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