Fall Planting

The past two weeks have been so busy for me, that I haven’t even had time, until today, to plant my much anticipated fall garden.  I transplanted my fall seedlings and everything else got directly sown into the garden.  As you can see my second summer crop is doing very well, I have tiny cucumbers and zapallo squash, and blooms on my tomatoes, beans, and winter squash.

Fall Garden

Our weather here is still hot with the highs in the upper 80’s to low 90’s and lows around 70.  When I ordered my seeds from Heirloom Seeds I got a sheet specifically telling me that lettuce won’t germinate in hot weather.  I went ahead and planted my lettuce today but am a little worried it’s still too hot.  Hopefully, they will germinate.  But I figure, what’s to lose, each seed pack comes with hundreds of seeds, enough to last me years in my square foot garden.

While in the garden I noticed I have a helper, no this time it’s not my dog Kahlo, but an insect eating helper.  Non other then a Praying Mantis.  Hopefully, I didn’t scare him off by taking his picture because I sure could use his help.   Do they eat caterpillars?  I hope so.

Praying Mantis

Then much to my dismay in my butterfly garden I found this.

Green Lynx Spider eating Bumble Bee

I have been adding flowers to my garden that attract bees.  I have convinced myself the reason my zucchini and summer squash, in my first summer garden, didn’t produce much fruit was due to a lack of bees.  So to see that the Green Lynx Spider got this bee made me sad.

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4 Responses to Fall Planting

  1. Susan Myers says:

    It looks like your garden is off to a good start. I did notice that Kay’s lettuce at My Garden Path in the tampa area did germinate, so yours should too, I would think. That preying mantis pic is really neat. Good luck with your veggies.

  2. Char, that praying mantis is beautiful! Your fall garden is off to a great start. Interplanting your veggies or bordering them with flowering plants helps bring in many of the beneficial insects that assist in pollinating. I wouldn’t worry too much about the spider eating the bee. It is the cycle of life in a garden. Everything has to eat and it all balances out eventually.

    Have a great day! Happy gardening.

  3. kimberly says:

    Hi, Char! Your garden looks great! I’m very envious of veggie gardeners. I’ve not had success. Great idea to add more blooms…your idea obviously worked. Good luck!

  4. Donna says:

    They are some great shots of insects. The praying mantis photo looks like it is from a magazine. I never saw a bee getting eaten. I thought they were near the top of the insect food chain.

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