Fall Seedlings

As I have never planted a fall garden before I am eagerly anticipating the cool weather now more than ever.  But it is still way to hot to plant outside, so I decided to make good use of the second bathroom and start my seeds there.  This seems to be the safest place away from the dog and cats who love to munch on seedlings.   I used scrap wood placing 2 x 4’s across the tub then topping them with plywood.  I purchased a shower curtain rod and hung a shop light from it over the trays.  I planted my seeds last this past Monday and most of them, except the celery and pansies, are looking good and need to be placed in pots.  I am worried that a few look a little leggy, maybe my light is too far away.   But as with everything practice makes perfect.

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4 Responses to Fall Seedlings

  1. Wendy says:

    Your set up looks great! This must be so exciting! I usually have my lights right above the plants, like even an inch or two is not a big deal. Just watch them carefully (I’m sure you are anyway – I check on my seedlings constantly!) because some plants grow much faster than others.

    Don’t worry too much about the legginess, they’ll settle in once they’re in the garden.

  2. meemsnyc says:

    Oh wow! That is so impressive that you set that up! Our fall garden seedlings are already in the garden and growing nicely!

  3. Love your shower pole idea. I re-purposed the old light from our 75 gallon fish tank to start our seedlings. I used to keep a planted fresh-water tank, and the lighting rig already had UV bulbs in it. I’ve been using it all year and it’s worked great, but I’ve been propping it up with telephone books 😛 I think your shower rod looks much more professional!

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