Change is coming

It seems that I am on my two week anniversary of starting my blog.  I must admit that I did not check out other gardeners blogs before jumping in head first to start my own.  I didn’t really think any one would find my blog for a very long time, so I figured I had plenty of time to putter around and figure out exactly what direction this blog would take.  But to my surprise and delight a few people have seen my blog and some even commented, wow thanks!!

In the past two weeks I have read more blogs especially garden blogs, then I ever  knew existed, okay sometimes I live under a rock. 🙂  One post I read “Someday is a Dangerous Word” has just stayed with me.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because I have a milestone birthday approaching or maybe it’s just time to act.  Here are a few of my “somedays” that I feel now is the time to take care of:

Someday I will do all my gardening organically.  I do a large portion organically already just haven’t been able to cross that final line.

Someday I will become a Master Gardener.  This class is in the  winter and come hell or high water I will be there.

Someday I will try to grow most of my own food, now this is a big one for me.  I have for many years had what I would like to consider a successful summer garden, but now I want to turn that into a 4 season garden.

I will be following with blogs chronicling my journey to the organic side and what, I hope, will become  my self sustaining garden.

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2 Responses to Change is coming

  1. Meredehuit says:

    Change is one thing we can always be certain of. I love your optimistic attitude. Sounds like you are anticipating and reaching for some good changes in your life. Way to go!

  2. RainGardener says:

    Looks like you’ve done ok for 2 weeks. You even have quite a following.

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