Lotus Pot Find

Don’t you just love it when you score a great find you weren’t even actively looking for.  I guess that is what makes garage saling so much fun!  I was on my way to work on Saturday and saw a sign for a garage sale.   I couldn’t just not stop, so stop I did.  I found these wonderful large black tubs that will be absolutely perfect for my lotus.  When I bought my lotus from Texas Water Lilies the directions stated to use a pot without holes.  I did not have such a pot, so I used what I had, a 7 gal. pot with holes.  I have since learned there is a reason they tell you to use a pot without holes.  I keep fighting with my lotus to keep it from taking over the end of the pond where it is.  I may be wrong but I  think it has stopped blooming because it is using it’s energy to take over and not bloom.I have been wondering where in the world I would find a large pot without holes.  Well, I found my pot, 2 for $5, what a great find!!  🙂

Lotus Pots


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5 Responses to Lotus Pot Find

  1. I love finding great things when you’re not looking too! Good score for you!

    • Charlotte says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog and really liked it. But have to admit, it’s a good thing you have a map, my geography needs a little brush up. 🙂

  2. kimberly says:

    Great find!!!!

    And speaking of great finds, I found your blog via the blog hop. Nice to meet another Florida gardener! Your dog looks similar to one of mine (I have 3 – all rescues). Come on by whenever you have a chance…gardeninparadise.blogspot.com.

    • Charlotte says:

      My dog, Kahlo, is a pound dog. I think she is part Dachsund and part Jack Russell. All I know, is if I had her energy there would be no end to what I could do. 🙂 I enjoyed visiting your blog will stop by often.

  3. meemsnyc says:

    That is a great find! Garage sales are awesome. We don’t have many here in Staten Island. It’s not something that is very common in the city.

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